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iRunAmok is the online home of Graham Snowden. I’m an adventure chaser, ultra runner, triathlete, weekend warrioring sports philanthropist. Starting out with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training in 2008 and escalating to adventure marathons, the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, and multi-day racing I have helped raise several hundred thousand dollars for various causes. With iRunAmok my goal is to tell the story of and behind the athlete, share gear reviews, trip reports, nutrition tips, adventures and training advice.


I see the choice to go for a run, swim, bike, hike, yoga or any other activity as a remarkable luxury and privilege that drives me to focus my energy on sharing that experience with others. These experiences are the best vehicle through which I am able to activate others. I am devotedly passionate about teaching others that they are larger than themselves; encouraging people to recognize what they are capable of and helping them do it.


iRunAmok has been created to foster and grow that community. I would love to share your story with the iRunAmok Questionnaire. Stay tuned for updates, inspirations, and learnings as the journey of running amok continues.