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Coastal Challenge Stage 2 – There’s No App for This

Stage 2

Day 2 started out with two grouse grind style elevation climbs. I love hills and could happily go up for days. For others, like Gemma, they make her really nervous. The game plan today was for Gemma to hold on to we second place standing. What this meant was I was going to have to push both my pace and hers.

The jungle is thick and muggy. Mud is everywhere and devours your feet. You hear animals everywhere but can’t see them. It sounds like a stadium full of vuvuzuelas buzzing all at once. This leads to both technical climbs and descents. I lead Gemma past a number of runners and when we crested the second peak and came out onto the ridge she was in fourth by about 50m.

Descending through cow pastures we quickly caught the 3rd place female. We raced through a number of river crossings – stopping to submerge ourselves each time. At 23km with 16km to go I told Gemma my pace was about to change dramatically and she needed to go. Tying for 2nd on the day she’s having a hell of a first race.

Long may you run.

The rest of the day was more of a trek than a run for me, which included a couple of waste deep river crossings. The final 8km were on the beach into Dominical resulting in phenomenal tan lines.

Tomorrow is our longest day and starts with a 25km climb, which actually just relieved me a bit. Hopefully it’ll give me some time to recover. It will start off wet as we literally run upstream for 10km. We’ll descend for 12km before rolling the final 15km. Yeah – 52.5km. Yikes.