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Coastal Challenge Stage 5 – Control the Great


Stage 5

Control the great in yourself, think fundamentally and do not confine this to what can be measured.

The great thing about no longer racing is the opportunity to see everyone finish and to go out and cross the finish line with each teammate. Today had some amazing story lines and it was a privilege to have a front row seat.

Gemma – the Cinderella story continues as she placed 1st again for females and 8th overall on the day. Her overall lead is now +/- 60 minutes.

Shawn & Pavel – these guys set about a longer day with the goal of simply getting through the 47.5km day. Naturally they did it in style. I met them out on the beach for the final km each with a beer in hand.

Tony – after his early struggles he has proven his resilient self. Slogging through the jungle Tony got through his longest day of the week in great spirits though he did ask to be taken off the email list for the next adventure :)

Tam & Marissa – two impressive women. With no time cut offs today they focused solely on finishing the day – of course this would not happen without some extra adventure! Leaving check point one they took a wrong turn and headed 5km in the wrong direction.

After backtracking they found CP #1 completely taken down and started following footprints through the jungle. Equipped with whistles and tenacity Tam & Marissa got directions from farmers and eventually caught up with the sweepers who were taking down the course markings.

Pushing forward they were pressured with impending onset of darkness. Tam hit her wall and after being Tony’s support on day one found herself wrapped in Marissa’s arms being encouraged and driven to move forward.

Tony, worried about Tam & Marissa, waited at checkpoint three for as long as the race staff would let him before making him continue.

Under the cover of darkness Tam and Marissa hit their finish lines for the day and the Going Coastal team had the first female cross the finish line and the final racers cross the finish line.

One of the big talking points for the week from participants, race staff and organizers has been what a remarkable group of people are on this team. Many other teams have crumbled and become overwhelmingly negative on course and in camp. With every turn of adversity and humbling experience Tam, Tony, Shawn, Pavel, Gemma & Marissa have ultimately risen to the challenge, stared at their limits and watch them back down. There is always laughter coming from our group and section of the camp site.

Tomorrow is the last leg of the race, which I have decided not to participate in. There will be more opportunities to run but there will not be another opportunity to see my friends and teammates complete their race.

Sometimes when you think you are done, it is just the edge of beginning. Probably that’s why we decide we’re done. It’s getting too scary. We are touching down onto something real. It is beyond the point when you think you are done that often something strong comes out. -Goldberg

I’m saving a few experience highlights for tomorrow once everyone is confirmed across the finish line. This challenge has taken on a different shape for me than anticipated but it is one that I am happy came to me.