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5km. 13 obstacles. 1 incredibly good time.

The Spartan Race is a growing phenomenon of a new one day mixed-sport adventure race that will be held in over 30 cities and 3 countries in 2011. The idea is present athletes from mixed backgrounds and disciplines with their most difficult challenge.

The inaugural Vancouver event was held this past weekend and it was great to participate with the Elevate Me team. Obstacles included: fire jumping, frigid creek running, inflating a balloon while running stairs, hoisting a cinder block up 40′, carrying 2 paint buckets full of rocks up and down a 50m hill, crawling through a tarped tunnel, zigzag balance board, scaling a 10′ wall, crawling through mud under barbed wire, scaling a cargo net, javelin, bouldering across a wall, and racing past two gladiators one of whom is carrying a joust.

Oh and if you mess up in one of the obstacles you receive a penalty to the tune of 25 burpees!














The Spartan Race attracts participants from all walks of life with varied physical abilities. While on the surface it may not seem like it but the event fosters a great deal of teamwork and comraderie amongst participants.

Highlight? Going back through the course for action shots. Oh – and the guy who ran in a gorilla suit!!

Lowlight? Washing off in frigid creek water but I suppose Spartans never complained about something like so I really shouldn’t either.

If you’re interested in a day full of fun and don’t mind getting a little dirty you should definitely check out when the next Spartan Race is near you. As these types of races gain more and more popularity not only will you see more of them but they’ll also become more difficult to get into.