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Natural Allergy Relief & Grape Seed Extract


Recent research has shown that grape seed extract supports the alleviation of asthma symptoms. The University of Maryland Medical Center also highlights that grape seed extract can also reduce the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. This is why you may have heard of it as supporting treatment for thyroid conditions or for athletes seeking increased blood flow for recovery from strenuous exercise.

Grapes are really the original super fruit. The key ingredient (I say “ingredient” because phytochemicals or plant based polyphenol are complicated words) are the Proanthocyanidins (sorry – there’s no simple one word “translation”). My first reaction was Proantho-what now? These “Pros” are powerful anti-oxidants that reduce inflammation in the body supporting healthy circulation throughout the body.

For allergy sufferers, grape seed extract is regarded as a natural anti-histamine. It can “inhibit the release of chemicals called prostaglandins that can generate inflammation during an allergic response”Grape seed extract reduces histamine production and simultaneously boosts the immune system. Dr Ray Strand, a specialist in nutritional & preventative medicine, advocates 200mg of grape seed extract per day as the minimum recommendation for preventing the symptoms of allergies.

From my own experience, I have an allergy to cats. Puffy & teary eyes, itchy skin & throat, sneezing, etc. While recently looking after a cat for an extended family member I took 200mg of grape seed extract prior to visiting the home and was symptom free while enjoying back to back Stanley Cup Playoff Games.

If you’re interested in learning more about grape seed extract watch this short video and if you’re interested in trying it for yourself, here’s the only option I recommend – Proflavanol C100.

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