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Sugoi RS Jacket

I’ve become one of those people who gets excited about new athletic gear and advanced technical fabrics. My advocacy for the benefits of compression gear is easily the best example.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up Sugoi’s RS Zero jacket. In a year where Sugoi’s Versa jacket is receiving much deserved attention for it’s innovation and design not to mention the Versa’s element of “cool”, the RS jacket is a welcome addition to any athlete’s cold weather training and racing arsenal.

BC RS Jacket

Intended to be a cycling jacket I’ve only worn it once for cycling out of the 10+ times I’ve worn the RS Zero. I’ve worn it on multiple cold weather runs, snowshoeing and even snowboarding. Jackets designed for cycling are great because of the three back pockets that allow you to easily carry or store items while training. What really makes the RS Zero such a great cold weather training garment is the technology that goes into it’s design.


The RS Zero uses Sugoi’s custom designed Firewall 220 fabric concentrating on providing the highest levels of weather protection and insulation enabling ultimate performance. The outer surface is a 3 layer laminate of a high gauge knit rather than being woven. The outer layer also comes with a durable water repellent finish directing water off of the jacket as opposed to being absorbed.

The inside layer employs an advanced wicking fabric so that liquid will be wicked and move out through the fabric; making the inside layer a moisture management layer. (It’s also pretty soft.)

The middle layer is a durable monolithic film delivering a very waterproof and windproof garment that keeps you warm and also breathes well.

If you live in a climate where you’ll be training in cold, inclement weather or are interested in increasing your participation in winter / cold weather sports you’ll be very happy adding the RS Zero jacket to your collection.