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Kelly Wong

Kelly W

Runner, Father, Friend Kelly is currently the Group CFO of Kinh Do Corporation (KDC).  He began running in 2012 deciding that the humid streets of Vietnam were a better training ground than the trails of Vancouver. He’s currently rocking Newtons and Pearl Izumi. A close friend of mine, Kelly and his family gave me a great place to relax after completing Racing the Planet: Nepal. Get to know a little about Kelly through the iRunAmok Questionnaire and follow him on Twitter at @kellyyhwong and instragram at @kyhwong – running in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a bit of an adventure!


What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Standing on a mountain top in perfect silence and watching the lights turn on/go out.


Which historical figure do you most identify with?



Which living person do you most admire?

My father – his ability to keep on trying and trying is amazing.


What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

My ability to jump to conclusions almost instantaneously.


What is the trait you most admire in others?

Their ability to listen.


What is your favourite cheat meal?

Burger King (Yes its now conveniently available in Vietnam).


If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Would probably have skipped the 15 years I spent smoking.


What song is first on your race day playlist?

Linkin Park – Iridescent


What song plays during your life’s closing credits?

Flo Rida – Whistle


What is your most treasured possession?

1945 Chinese (Now Taiwan) World War II war bond from my Grandfather


Who are your heroes in real life?

My dad and my grandfather, they faced 3 wars (2 world and 1 civil), moved to a bunch of different countries and managed to land us in Vancouver, Canada.  That’s luck and perseverance.


What one event / race / trail do you want to do before you die?



What is your motto?

Its never too late to change your life (again, and again).