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Underwater Audio


A few days ago I picked up the Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Bundle. With the seasons changing in Vancouver and a couple of running injuries sending me to the pool more often for workouts I wanted something to listen to help keep me motivated while training.

This is a big departure from my normal routine. As trail runner I’ve moved away from listening to music while I run to better help me focus on footsteps on the unpredictability of North Shore trail running; having fallen in love with the runners high not to mention to be able to avoid the number of mountain bikers who’s trails I am encroaching on.

As the weather gets wetter and the snow pack returning to lower elevations I find myself wanting / needing something to listen to while I transition back to road running, to push me through tempo runs. Sure, you can throw your iPod in a ziploc bag and away you go.

This is where Underwater Audio really steps it up. Not only do you get a waterproof iShuffle but you also get waterproof headphones. Over the past two years I’ve probably blown through 4 pairs of headphones due to water damage.

So what do you get:

  • - One genuine Apple iPod (4th Gen, 2 GB) waterproofed by Underwater Audio, your choice of color
  • - Original Apple USB cable, earbuds and packaging
  • - One pair of short-cord 100% Waterproof AquaSonic Headphones* (black)
  • - 3 sizes of earbuds to create a custom fit
  • - An extension cable to lengthen headphone cord
  • - One pair of Swimbuds extra-short cord waterproof headphones* (white)
  • - 3 sizes of earbuds to create a custom fit
  • How does it work:
  • - Proprietary waterproofing process 
  • - iPods are sent straight from Apple to Underwater Audio
  • - salt water test to 200 feet (4-10x the depth rating of competing products
  • - iPods are immersed for weeks at a time
  • - plugged and unplugged in salt water over 800x
- the bundle includes multiple headphones with very ear buds for personal fit
- short cords and long cords
- you can use in salt water (though I haven’t tried yet)
- music while you’re swimming
- value of the bundle = $175 on sale
- better workouts (arguably)
- fast delivery (I received mine within 36 hours of placing the order though I am guessing this isn’t typical)
- smaller than other waterproof mp3 players
- convenient
- Shipping cost to Canada – $35 with UPS + $20 in COD (makes it worth having a US P.O. Box right there)
- because you are underwater most people will increase the volume from a normal listening level of 90 dB to a volume level that they prefer. Apple maxes out at 120 dB but less than 15 minutes of listening at this volume level can start to cause hearing damage. I suggest you noise inhibit the iPod in iTunes and test it out. If you need to increase the volume beyond 90 dB (two thirds of max volume) make sure you limit the amount of time you are using the iPod. (Note this is not a con of the product but all mp3 players.)
- Audiobooks seem to only play through one ear. They are almost near impossible to hear while swimming (see above).
Overall Ranking:
4.5 / 5
It’s a fantastic addition to my training and I used it 3 times in the first 4 days I bought it.