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Where Athletic Frontiers Begin

Think, for a moment, about something in your life that gives you a rush. Something that exhilarates you. Now imagine being able to amplify that rush and exhilaration for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

A simple pleasure of mine that delivers that rush consistently is standing at the peak after a long hike. A break from the ordinary, amazing views in every direction, perspective of how small we are in this world, a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Summer or Winter you’ll find me wanting, weekend warrioring, to tackle some local peak to connect me with all of those feelings.

October 2010, I came across Racing The Planet / 4 Deserts and I knew I found something special.



Imagine this:

Trekking across Nepal.

Ascending to 10,500 feet with Everest’s peak reaching another 18,500 feet above you.

Covering 250km in 7 days.

All on foot.

Imagine crossing suspension bridges as long as 820 feet and 490 feet above the valley below.

Now let’s up the ante.

It’s a race. 230 competitors from over 30 countries.

6 stages over those 7 days making one of those stages long enough to be an overnight stage.

Let’s up the ante again.

You are 99% self-supported carrying a minimum of 2,000 calories per day remaining, electrolytes, energy gels and any other form of sustenance. Carrying your sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, head lamp, solar panels (to charge camera batteries), blister kit, another blister kit, and water / hydration reservoirs.

Drinking water and cooking water are provided in the morning and evening.

Tents and tea houses are where you sleep.

No assistance can be accepted from or given to a fellow competitor (without penalty).

Imagine the thought of all of this being so incredibly exciting that when you found out you got into Racing The Planet you started calling people at 5:30am on Christmas Eve.








I am also very excited to be participating on behalf of MenCap, the United Kingdom’s leading voice for learning disability whose specialist services enable people with a learning disability to develop the skills they need to lead fulfilling lives.











Racing The Planet: Nepal 2011 will take place in November 2011 and there will be numerous updates on training, fundraising efforts, gear, and all sorts of misadventures along the way.

A photo gallery of course highlights can be viewed here.